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Superintendent of St. John's Cemetery: Rick Zeigler - 315-334-2522
  Padre Pio Columbarium
for Cremation Open to the public.  Approved by the Syracuse Diocese. There are 64 crypts available. If you are interested call 315-337-0990 or 315-334-2522.

Looking for someone buried at St. John's Cemetery?  Click on pdf. and you will see names in alphabetical order, age, date of burial and location (updated July 2021).




















Regulations for the Cemetery of St. John the Baptist
In order to ensure the uniform beauty and respectfulness of our cemetery; to help in the maintaining and promotion of a safe environment for the workers and visitors; the following regulations are in force and must be followed without exception.

Planting Regulations - Lots and Graves
Feature Section - U section - K east & west - L east & west/ All plantings must be confined to an area not more than 16 inches out from the front of the monument. No plantings are to be on the sides or in the back of the monument.


  • Only black plastic edging may be used in FRONT of the monument with a maximum of 2" above ground showing. Fencing of any kind is prohibited.

  • Crushed stone, wood chips and shells on graves are strictly prohibited.

  • Hedges, trellises, large urns/vases, shepherd’s crooks are prohibited.

  • No raised flower beds. One, above ground pot, per monument, may be placed on the grave. Such pots must be constructed of durable materials and easily moved.

  • No artificial flowers or items of plastic or glass, statuary, toys, pin-wheels, wind-chimes, crosses, balloons, photographs or vigil lights. Eternal candles are permitted.

  • Planting on the grave proper is not permitted.

  • Fresh flowers may be placed on graves in metal or plastic vases.

  • Shrubs, bushes or trees may not be planted on lots or graves.

  • All other sections of the cemetery

  • The same regulations as above govern the cemetery with the following exceptions:

  • Four grave lots where the individual lots are front and back; planting may be done in the front and back of the monument.

  • Existing shrubs and bushes must not exceed the height of and/or width of the monument or mausoleum.

  • Once shrubs or bushes are removed they cannot be replaced.

General Rules
The grounds of the cemetery will be open for visitors from sunrise until sunset daily for the months of April through October. The cemetery is officially closed from November to April.

The Chapel at St. John’s Cemetery will be utilized in place of grave side ceremonies from November 1st to April 15th. However, the chapel may be used at any time in case of inclement weather, or if the family desires. When the chapel is utilized, only one piece of flowers is permitted in the chapel and no more than six (6) pieces may be left at the cemetery for grave site.

St. John Cemetery reserves the right to remove all flowers, wreaths, bushes, trees, flowers or other decorations that are in violation of cemetery regulations or if they become unsightly. The cemetery will do all possible to protect floral decorations but cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred. Also, it is not the responsibility of the cemetery to replace or replant any object.
A complete copy of the cemetery rules and regulations is being revised and will soon be available at the parish/cemetery office. If you have any questions please call Barbara at the office.

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