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For parents of 9th grade students who are in their second year of classes, please see letter and schedule below for Confirmation 2023.

About Confirmation
The Sacrament of Confirmation is a two year process beginning in October of 8th grade.

First Year Confirmation Class (8th Grade)

Classes during this first year of preparation will be held only on Sunday at
 9:00 am in the Social Hall followed by 10:30 am Mass

At least one Parent, Guardian or Adult Christian Witness should accompany the candidates.

Second Year Confirmation Class (9th Grade)
Classes will be held on Sunday's with Mass at 8:30 am and class after until 10:15 am

Your son/daughter should come to the class.

Please check the bulletin each month for the dates of classes.  Dates will also be posted on our parish website.

All sessions should be attended by the Candidate and their Christian Witness (sponsor or responsible adult).

All sessions are held in the Social Hall.

It is recommended that various Liturgical and non-Liturgical ceremonies/rites accompany the Candidates on their journey toward the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Rites and Ceremonies will be held at a Parish Mass. Parents are requested to attain the celebrations with their child/children. There ceremonies and dates will also be listed in the Sunday Bulletin and on the calendar on our website.

Mass:  "Keep holy the Sabbath Day"
"As Catholics, we believe that Sunday Mass is so important.  In this beautiful Sacrament, God refreshes our souls and nourishes us through the gifts of His Word and the Body and Blood of His Son Jesus Christ.  In coming together as a community, we honor God by joining with Christ in a sacrifice of love and thanksgiving.  Most importantly, in taking part in Mass every week, we honor God in obedience of the Third Commandment to "Keep holy the Sabbath" and we honor Christ in following his command to "Do this in memory of Me."

Attending Mass each Saturday evening or Sunday is not an option.  If you do not attend Mass regularly, you will not be confirmed.  Candidates are asked to sign the Book of Commitment each time they attend Mass.  This "Book"" is located on the Tabernacle side of the Church.  If you attend at a different Catholic parish, please bring in a copy of the Sunday bulletin.

Faithful attendance at Mass each weekend and on Holy Days in an obligation of all Catholics.

Mass Schedule


Saturday:  4:30 at St. John's

Sunday -8:30 am at St. John's

Sunday - 10:30 am at St. John's 

Confession Schedule
Saturday Confessions:  3:15 pm to 4:00 pm, or by appointment.


Contact:  Robin Calandra, Coordinator of Youth Ministry and Confirmation:  315-272-9319 or email:  

"This is how men will know you are my disciples.  If you love one another" (Jn. 13:35).  At the Last Supper, Jesus shows us how important are the acts of loving service.  How?  He 'poured water into a basin and began to was the disciples' feet and dry them with the towel around his waist". 

(Jn 13:5)

Service is our love for Jesus put into action, and is a basic component of our life as a Christian.  Therefore, candidates for Confirmation are required to commit for one year to their choice of parish ministry as listed below.  Also, they should volunteer in two of the service opportunities sponsored by the confirmation program.  All other volunteer service must be checked with the Confirmation Coordinator before you commit.

Volunteer service choices for a one year commitment
   Faith Formation Helpers
  Altar Servers
  Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
  Choir: instrumental or vocal...and other opportunities will be scheduled and announced.

8-10 High School Confirmation Preparation is designed to be an overview of our Catholic faith with emphasis on deepening a candidate’s understanding, and leading them to a true conversion of mind, heart and life to Christ.
All Candidates should bring their Bible with them to class each month. Please be sure your child completes their assignments

Periodic evaluations will be based upon their class & home assignments, attendance & participation.

Saint's Name & Report
Your Confirmation name must be a saint's name or a variation of a saint's name. If a Christian name has been given at Baptism, you may want to keep your Baptismal name to emphasize that Confirmation is a sealing of your Baptismal commitment.

It might be a good occasion for you to learn more about this saint so you will try to imitate him/her. Or, you may choose a special Confirmation name to honor another saint as your special patron.  Please spend time considering your choice. Pray about it. Talk it over with your Christian witness and parents. Then research and write a 1 1/2 page saint report on your Confirmation saint.
Your report should include:
A brief summary of the life & virtues of the saint chosen.
Why you have chosen that saint.
What you can imitate in that saint's life.


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